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Metzeler M7RR Tyres - For Triumph Street Triple
18.11.2017 um 13:55:49
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Hi All,
I have been using Metzeler M7RR tyres for my Triumph Street Triple (both front and rear changed at same time in March-2017). Have used them for about 4500 km so far and these are really good tyres.
Bought these from Metro Tyres (Jagtap Dairy Chowk, Pimple Saudagar, Pune - 411027). Price at that time was Rs 23500/- for the set (fitting was not included as I did that in the Triumph Service Centre).
Compared to Stock Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Tyres that my bike originally came with, below are important points:
Positive - Almost same level of grip, much lower price (Pirellis could cost anything from Rs 32000 to 39000), similar or a bit more life-span (10000-12000 km compared to 8000-10000 km for Pirelli), good wet grip also which is a bit better than stock tyres. In fact I have done more aggressive riding on these tyres than original ones and they give me strong confidence to lean into corners.
Negative - When going for track usage, people have reported that this has lesser grip than Pirelli. Also, these tyres behave little eagerly when leaning into corner compared to stock tyres. For some people it is good but some people may get surprised due to this tendency and can make mistakes during aggressive cornering.
These have slightly more warm up time than Pirelli - but in 5-15 minutes depending on season, they get pretty well warmed up after which they perform great (Pirellis almost always warmed up in 5 minutes or so)

For more details :  explainer video
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