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Avantura Choppers launches Rudra and Pravega 2000c
18.11.2017 um 13:54:06
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Avantura Choppers, co-founded by bike enthusiasts Gaurav A Aggarwal and Vijay Singh, has signed deals with global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) S&S, Mustang & Kellermann, to import components for the models it intends to launch next month.
With 2,000-CC engines, these bikes will come at a price point of above `20 lakh each. At present, only Indian, Harley-Davidson and Triumphs have costlier options.
"I am a chopper lover, and I have been researching about these bikes since the last seven years. Two years ago, I decided to launch Avantura to make these bikes in India, which are made for Indian roads," said Aggarwal, who heads the venture as its chief executive. He claimed that his company would be the first organised player, with relevant certifications.
"There are 29 tests to clear before we can launch. This included 16 component tests and 13 motorcycle tests. We have carried noise and emission tests and other important tests and await certifications," said Vijay Singh, chief revenue officer, Avantura.

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